The People's Panel is a quick and easy way to give your feedback and ideas to help make Taranaki a great place to live, work and play.

When you join, we will send you short surveys by email or you may be emailed invitations to attend an in-person event in your community to share your views.

Public feedback helps ensure that Council policies and work reflects community aspirations, so get involved!

How the People’s Panel works

  • You will receive one email every month or so. Emails will either invite you to take part in a quick survey or invite you to an in-person event in your community to provide feedback.
  • Only complete the surveys or attend community feedback events that interest you.
  • Survey results are shared with you, so you know how you're helping to shape Taranaki's future.
  • We keep your personal details private and we don't identify members in survey result reports.
  • You can opt-out of receiving emails whenever it suits you.

Topics you can have your say on

We want the community to have a strong voice in helping shaping our region. Through the People’s Panel you will be invited to give feedback on community consultations like what the Council’s long-term priorities should be, specific projects or proposed plan or policy changes.